A call for input on IUCN motion priorities

Dear CCIUCN members,

I am sure you are all reviewing the IUCN motions and providing comments if you have that right and ability.

Your CC IUCN board would like to understand what motions are of particular interest to our Canadian members so that we can provide a voice in support of those motions important to our CC IUCN members.

As an example, the Canadian Museum of Nature is interested and monitoring comments on the following motions:

002:  Global group for national and regional committees
028:  Urban dimensions of conservation
042:  Protected areas as natural solutions
044:  identifying key biodiversity areas
053:  identifying marine protected areas
059:  IUCN response to the Paris Agreement
063:  Natural Capital
092:  Environmental education
093:  Connecting people with nature globally (#natureforall)
094:  increasing resources for biodiversity research

Email your feedback to cciucn@mus-nature.ca or comment below. Thank you for making us aware of your priorities!

The second reading of the online discussion of motions is now open and will close on 26 June 2016.

Meg Beckel
President, CC IUCN

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