Nature Calls

Are you stressed at work? Getting migraines from extended screen time? Easily-distracted? The Doctor called and prescribed a solid dose of Nature. All ages are allowed an unlimited subscription to this prescription.

The side effects of laughter spread through the World Conservation Congress audience watching Nature Rx video. Caroline learned of many other great ways to increase our dosage of Nature.

Sunshine and Bright Minds

“To connect to this land, we have to know this land and love this land. In the same way we understand that to connect to each other, we have to know each other and love each other.”

Read how this struck home with CCIUCN Youth Ambassador Elise at the Pre-Congress Young Professionals workshop on Big Island.

IUCN Electronic vote on Motions – Results

As a result of the revised motions process, all motions were discussed online prior to the World Conservation Congress and the Motions Working Group submitted 85 motions to an electronic vote before the Congress.

The voting results have now been collated and are available on the Union Portal now.

For those who do not have access to the Union Portal, a pdf summary document is posted here.

A call for input on IUCN motion priorities

Dear CCIUCN members,

I am sure you are all reviewing the IUCN motions and providing comments if you have that right and ability.

Your CC IUCN board would like to understand what motions are of particular interest to our Canadian members so that we can provide a voice in support of those motions important to our CC IUCN members.

As an example, the Canadian Museum of Nature is interested and monitoring comments on the following motions:

002:  Global group for national and regional committees
028:  Urban dimensions of conservation
042:  Protected areas as natural solutions
044:  identifying key biodiversity areas
053:  identifying marine protected areas
059:  IUCN response to the Paris Agreement
063:  Natural Capital
092:  Environmental education
093:  Connecting people with nature globally (#natureforall)
094:  increasing resources for biodiversity research

Email your feedback to or comment below. Thank you for making us aware of your priorities!

The second reading of the online discussion of motions is now open and will close on 26 June 2016.

Meg Beckel
President, CC IUCN

Draft agenda and documents for the IUCN World Conservation Congress

The draft agenda approved by Council and the first set of Congress documents are available on the Congress Website.

The documents relate to matters requiring the approval of the Congress (as per Article 45 of the Rules of Procedure of the World Conservation Congress). In addition, the 2015 audited financial statements of IUCN will be published in July 2016, once they have been reviewed by the IUCN Council following receipt of the external auditors’ report.

A second series of documents, including reports to Congress of the Council, Director General and IUCN Commissions, will be circulated on 11 July 2016.



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Be part of the action – IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016

Make the most of IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016 – start planning today!

Come, help define the path to a sustainable future. Share, learn, network and influence with high-level experts and decision-makers from government, business and civil society in Hawai’i from 1-10 September 2016.

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WCC Accepted motions now available online

Following the closing of the motions submission process for the IUCN World Conservation Congress, all motions were reviewed for their scientific and technical characteristics.  The Motions Working Group assessed motions against the admissibility requirements set out in the IUCN Statutes and Rules of Procedure of the World Conservation Congress.

Proponents of motions that were either rejected or merged have been informed, and in accordance with Rule 62ter, they may formally appeal the decision.  Appeals need to be brought to the Congress Preparatory Committee (CPC), who is acting as appeals body. They must be made jointly by the proponent and co-sponsors of the motion and should be sent by e-mail to by noon GMT/UTC on 15 April 2016 at the latest.

All accepted motions can now be consulted online and have been posted in the language in which they were originally submitted.  Translations into the other official IUCN languages are currently being undertaken and will be available online on 18 April.

The CPC’s decisions on appeals will be communicated to the proponents before the start of the online discussion on motions which will begin on 2 May 2016 and will close on 3 July 2016.  More information and guidance on the online discussion process will follow soon.