IUCN Councillor Report

Secretariat Changes

Three areas of emphasis
o Efficiency
o Re-thinking finances
o Tightening coherence across departments

Structural Changes
o Shift from zero Deputy Director Generals to five, with oversight responsibilities in the following areas: Finance, Regions, Corporate Services, Programme. Biodiversity Conservation.
Strengthening engagement with Members
o No longer solely responsibility of the Membership Unit but is shared across all five divisions and each department

Management Response to External Review of IUCN Governance
• Comprehensive Review of governance practice and processes carried out every four years by independent consultant at mid-point of each Council’s term
• 50 Recommendations under the “People” section alone

A few of these include:
o Professionalize risk thinking and building capabilities at Bureau and Council o Establish process focusing on strategic outlook taking the next 20 years into consideration, leading to new strategy for the Union, tied to the financial strategy
o Strengthen accountability of Commission performance, including systematic reviews
o Strengthen independence of Head of Oversight to dual reporting to Head of Finance and Audit Committee and to the Director General

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