Become a CCIUCN member today. You can join at any time.

Why join?

Joining the Canadian Committee for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (CCIUCN) connects you to a network of conservation leaders in Canada. In addition to contributing to the work of the CCIUCN, by joining a committee, you will have the opportunity to learn from nearly 100 Canadian member organizations and individuals, including government agencies, NGOs, Indigenous-led organizations and scientific and academic institutions.

As a member of the CCIUCN, you gain opportunities to amplify your message amongst Canada’s conservation community. Members become part of a collective of like-minded individuals who are passionate about important issues relating to natural and cultural  biodiversity in Canada.

At CCIUCN annual gatherings, members from across the country come together to discuss pressing topics related to conservation. The gathering is an opportunity to develop and deepen relationships and foster collaboration across the country. Our Google Group provides a forum for organisations and individuals to share their work and progress with one another.

What are the benefits?

  • Direct updates on news, resources, emerging issues, and global trends in conservation
  • Opportunities to provide feedback on the IUCN programme and processes
  • Access to a national network of scientists and decision-makers
  • Contribute to Canada’s sphere of influence at the IUCN World Conservation Congress where resolutions and recommendations are passed
  • Strengthening your credibility and capacity through association with a respected national group of key scientists, decision-makers, and knowledge holders
  • Sponsorship opportunities

How much does membership cost?

The cost of CCIUCN membership is different depending on who you are, and what organization you represent.

  • Individuals:
    • Individual: Any person over the age of 35 interested in furthering the objects of the IUCN and the CCIUCN. ($40)
    • Youth: Individuals interested in furthering the objects of the IUCN and the CCIUCN and who are under the age of 35 at the time of application. ($15)
  • Organizations:
    • Government: Government departments, Crown corporations, agencies or related organizations at the federal, provincial, territorial or municipal level. ($1000)
    • Non-governmental Organizations (NGO): Not-for-profit organizations, accredited institutions of higher learning, research institutes or other groups whose purpose aligns with the objectives of the IUCN and CCIUCN. ($100)

How do I pay my membership fee?

You have three options, so choose whichever is easiest for you!

1) E-transfer to:

2) Online with Credit card (*service charge applies):

3) Mail a cheque made out to “Canadian Committee for IUCN” to:

CC-IUCN Secretariat
C/O Canadian Museum of Nature
1740 Chemin Pink
Gatineau, QC
J9J 3N7

Note: Membership fees are non-refundable and all memberships are valid for one year. Because the fiscal year for the CC-IUCN runs January to December, membership fees received prior to October 1st are applied to the current calendar year. Membership fees paid after October 1st  will be applied to the next calendar year, although you will be considered a member from the time you join. Members who are in default of paying membership dues for two calendar years will automatically cease to be members of the CC-IUCN. 

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