Please join us on January 19-20, 2022 to learn about current events, initiatives and opportunities to contribute to the work of the IUCN in Canada. Please share this with colleagues and friends. We look forward to the dialogue together. CCIUCN members and non-members are welcome!

Jan 19th (8.30-12.00 Pacific, 12.30-16.00 ET)

Day 1 – Plenary ADM Panel – Collective Impact (PCA, DFO, NCC, CWF)

How national scale organizations are working together to make a difference for nature

AGM (As per 2021 rapid fire format)

Work Plan priority panels (30mins plus 15 min questions)

Indigenous Conservation – Session lead Eli Ennes

Career Pathways – SFI, Eco Canada

Marine Conservation IMPAC 5 – Session lead Sabine Jessen

Jan 20th (8.30-12.00 Pacific, 12.30-16.00 ET)

Day 2 – Plenary IUCN Leaders Panel – Road to 2024 (NA Director, NA Counselor, Global Group)

How the different parts of IUCN are working together to advance nature conservation

Commission priority sessions (30mins plus 15 min questions)

SSC – SSCstrategic plan and national opportunities , Session Lead Axel Moehrenschlager

WCPA – 30×30 Session lead Stephen Woodley

CEM – Nature Based Solution – Session lead Liette Vasseur

2 thoughts on “CCIUCN AGM 2022”

  1. I plan to attend the AGM on both days. Please provide access link information when it becomes available. Thank you.


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