Please join us on January 19-20, 2022 to learn about current events, initiatives and opportunities to contribute to the work of the IUCN in Canada. Please share this with colleagues and friends. We look forward to the dialogue together. CCIUCN members and non-members are welcome!

Jan 19th (8.30-12.00 Pacific, 12.30-16.00 ET)

Day 1 – Plenary ADM Panel – Collective Impact (PCA, DFO, NCC, CWF)

How national scale organizations are working together to make a difference for nature

AGM (As per 2021 rapid fire format)

Work Plan priority panels (30mins plus 15 min questions)

Indigenous Conservation – Session lead Eli Ennes

Career Pathways – SFI, Eco Canada

Marine Conservation IMPAC 5 – Session lead Sabine Jessen

Jan 20th (8.30-12.00 Pacific, 12.30-16.00 ET)

Day 2 – Plenary IUCN Leaders Panel – Road to 2024 (NA Director, NA Counselor, Global Group)

How the different parts of IUCN are working together to advance nature conservation

Commission priority sessions (30mins plus 15 min questions)

SSC – SSCstrategic plan and national opportunities , Session Lead Axel Moehrenschlager

WCPA – 30×30 Session lead Stephen Woodley

CEM – Nature Based Solution – Session lead Liette Vasseur

2018 Annual General Meeting and Forum

The 2018 CCIUCN Annual General Meeting and Forum was held January 18, 2018 in Ottawa. The proceedings were recorded and may be viewed below.

AGM Business Meeting

Agenda items in this video include:

Welcome and report from the Chair: activities of the past year by Nadine Crookes (on behalf of Meg Beckel)

Report from the Treasurer and Membership Committee by Brian Roberts

Report from the Youth Representatives by Shailyn Drukis

Report from the Communications Committee by Risa Smith

Report from the Nominations Chair: Election of Board of Directors by Nadine Crookes

Report from IUCN: Recent and Upcoming Highlights by Frank Hawkins, IUCN North America Office


The IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas, and
A Global Standard for the Identification of Key Biodiversity Areas: Opportunities for Canada.

Presented by Stephen Woodley, Vice Chair for Science and Biodiversity, WCPA

#NatureForAll : Canadian Committee for IUCN Update

Presented by Karen Keenleyside, Parks Canada

Parks for All: An Action Plan for Canada’s Parks Community

presented by Dawn Carr and Murray Kopp, Parks for All Co-chairs

Pathway to Canada Target 1

Topics in this video include:

Introduction and overview / National Steering Committee
presented by Nadine Crookes and Scott Jones

Indigenous Circle of Experts perspectives
presented by Eli Enns.
During the meeting Eli presented a draft video which is unavailable to post at this time. However, that summary video draws upon the following public videos that we invite you to view: – Western Regional Gathering – Eastern Regional Gathering – Northern Regional Gathering – Central Regional Gathering

National Advisory Panel perspectives
presented by Cliff Supernault and Janet Sumner


Privately Protected Areas in Canada: Linking to the Pathway to Target 1

presented by Michael Bradstreet, Nature Conservancy of Canada

Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas: Looking Ahead, part 1:
Cree Regional Conservation Strategy: Example of Planning Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs)

presented by Chantal Otter Tétreault, Cree Nation Government and
Christie Macdonald, Nature Conservancy of Canada

Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas: Looking Ahead, part 2

presented by Steven Nitah, ICE Member and Negotiator for Lutsel K’e Dene First Nations

Due to technical difficulties Steven Nitah’s slides do not display during this video. However, you may still listen to Steven and a pdf file of his slides is available here.

Urban Landscapes and Green Spaces

Topics in this video include:

Park People presented by Dave Harvey, Park People

Connecting People to Nature in an Urbanized Landscape presented by Eva Katic, National Capital Commission and Nick Stow, City of Ottawa