Need your help: #NatureForAll!

Dear CCIUCN Members,

I am writing on behalf of Mike Wong and Sean Southey, Co-chairs of the joint IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) – Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) Task Force on #NatureForAll, to invite you to play a vital role in the #NatureForAll campaign by becoming a partner or helping to identify partners for #NatureForAll.

More partners are needed to commit to this important new IUCN initiative to build new constituencies for nature conservation, locally and globally, and across all sectors of society. Please join the campaign and the #NatureForAll core team for the IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC) in Hawaii, September 1-10, 2016 where partners will announce their commitment and celebrate their partnership.

The #NatureForAll campaign is in response to growing world-wide understanding of the intimate relationship between positive experiences in nature – especially at an early age – and establishing a sense of connection with the natural world that leads us to support its conservation. The campaign aims to amplify the messages of individual organizations and broaden the reach and impact of their programming to create a future in which billions of people worldwide are experiencing and connecting with nature and taking action for conservation. It is the foundation for the #NatureForAll movement, which will be launched with key partners at the #NatureForAll pavilion at the WCC. This brochure and this short animated video provide additional details.

Becoming part of #NatureForAll is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Share your LOGO with Mike Wong ( to be identified as a partner on our web site and campaign material.

2. Describe YOUR ORGANIZATION and its work, as it relates to #NatureForAll themes to benefit from cross-promotion. We’re asking for 250 words or less (e.g., a web link).

3. Make a #NatureForAll PLEDGE by sharing your organization’s commitment to raising awareness about nature and its values, facilitating opportunities for people to experience nature, and creating transformational moments that lead to lifelong personal connections with it.

I highly encourage all CCIUCN members to reach out to your different networks and bring in more core partners for #NatureForAll.

If you are an organizational member of CCIUCN please consider becoming a partner and help play a crucial role in this game-changing conservation movement and support a global effort to invite every person on the planet to fall in love with nature!

Thank you and warmest regards,

Margaret Beckel,
President, Canadian Committee for IUCN
President and CEO, Canadian Museum of Nature

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