Discovering the IUCN in Canada: Dan Kraus

There are over 500 people in Canada who are actively involved with the work of the IUCN and/or the CCIUCN. Many are members in one or more IUCN Commissions. Others belong to IUCN or CCIUCN member organizations. This occasional series will highlight their IUCN-related work in Canada.

Introducing: Dan Kraus

Dan-KrausDan Kraus is Nature Conservancy of Canada’s National conservation biologist. He is a member of the Species Survival Commission and Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group. He co-authored Freshwater Key Biodiversity Areas of Canada and the upcoming IUCN report on forest conservation and restoration.

Dan’s blog “Protecting what matters most: Identifying and conserving freshwater key biodiversity areas” describes some of the work that NCC has done with the IUCN.

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