Discovering the IUCN in Canada: James Thorsell

There are over 500 people in Canada who are actively involved with the work of the IUCN and/or the CCIUCN. Many are members in one or more IUCN Commissions. Others belong to IUCN or CCIUCN member organizations. This occasional series will highlight their IUCN-related work in Canada.

Introducing: James Thorsell


I worked at IUCN HQ for 23 years as head of the Protected areas program, then as Head of the Natural Heritage program. I semi-retired in 2003 and moved back to Banff where I still act as Senior Advisor to the World Heritage Programme. My main activity these past 15 years has been to advise on World Heritage issues in China and have undertaken 18 field missions there. I am also involved in assisting on study tours to the western mountain parks by various Chinese delegations.


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