#NatureForAll World Conservation Congress Opportunities

#NatureForAll (#NFA) will be launched at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress (WCC) in Hawai’i September 2-10, 2016. There are many ways in which #NFA ambassadors, partners, and WCC attendees can participate in building the #NFA movement.

In the lead-up to the WCC #NFA is reaching out to existing and new partners, with a focus on building a coalition of organizations and individuals who share the #NFA vision.You can be a part of:

  • #NatureForAll’s Social media presence: Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and help broaden #NFA’s reach by hashtagging #NatureForAll.
  • For Me, Nature is…: Contribute social media posts of photos that show your feelings in nature. Watch and share this video for more information.
  • #NatureForAll Greenhouse: Be a Mentor or Supporter to one of three finalists of the #NFA Greenhouse, an accelerator that has sought out projects from around the world that are connecting people to nature. Contact Crista Valentino at crista@coalitionwild.org for more information.
  • Social Media Influencers: Reach out to emerging social media influencers in your network with strong YouTube audiences to ask them do a short piece on their interaction with nature. Contact Tomasz Wiercioch at wiercioch@pc.gc.ca for more information.

During the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress the #NFA pavilion will be a central gathering place and focal point for the #NFA journey and for celebrating, catalysing, and showcasing global efforts to connect people to nature. You can be a part of: ·

  • The #NFA launch event: On September 2 at 11:00 AM and in other engaging, interactive sessions throughout the pavilion programme. Check out our pavilion program and the #NFA journey here.
  • Plays for Nature (Nature Playbook): Contribute video submissions that capture stories and actions about connecting with nature (Nature Plays).Contact Tomasz Wiercioch at wiercioch@pc.gc.ca for more information.
  • NatureRX Video: contribute to the filming of a new creative video that will be part of this comedic viral video series.
  • Building the Choir: Be a part of a video, podcast, and performance of a ‘connecting people to nature’ song being written at WCC. Contact Tomasz Wiercioch at wiercioch@pc.gc.ca for more information.
  • The Studio Photo Booth: Use the #NFA pavilion photo booth and share photos and videos via social media.
  • Airbrush Tattoos: Get a tattoo and participate in accompanying social media contest.
  • #NatureForAll Fireside Chats: collectively develop strategies and commitments to grow the #NatureForAll movement – from 8:30 to 10:30 September 3-6 at the #NFA pavilion. Build momentum and scale up action so that Partners and projects from around the world will be promoted and shared as a foundation for learning from each other and scaling up action. You can: benefit from cross-promotion by co-branding new or existing projects or programs with #NatureForAll. Share your experiences and lessons by requesting a form for a #NFA case study and collaborate with other #NatureForAll partners to scale up existing programs that connect new audiences with nature, or develop new ones. Check here for partnership and brand guidelines.