What We Do

The CCIUCN’s goals for 2019-2021 fall into four themes: Convening and mobilizing civil society and governments, engaging Indigenous peoples and youth, building awareness of the importance of nature and strengthening the governance of the organization.

Convening and mobilizing
Goals: The CCIUCN uses its convening power to draw together Canadians to achieve the following outcomes: providing input on the development of the IUCN Programme and post 2020 goals and harness the capacity of the membership to action the IUCN Programme within Canada and internationally.

Indigenous engagement
Goal: CCIUCN supports and works to involve Indigenous perspectives into nature conservation and in doing so will embrace ethical space.

Youth engagement
Goal: CCIUCN builds upon its successful Youth Ambassador program as a means to identify and engage youth in its mission.  The Youth Ambassador program offers tangible and meaningful opportunities for youth to meet other youth and professionals in the field of nature conservation, engage directly in conservation projects and learn more about global conservation efforts.

Awareness building
Goal: The CC IUCN works to ensure that protected area practitioners in Canada are aware of and understands the goals of the IUCN and agenda of the Convention on Biological Diversity in an effort to build awareness and support and reduce duplication and isolation.

CC IUCN’s 3 Year Plan:

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